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Material Insights® is a collaborative industry platform that helps actors in material supply chains to strengthen their due diligence and facilitates joint efforts to address sourcing risks.

The platform hosts in-depth profiles of a growing range of raw materials, allowing users to understand the importance of the material in industrial supply chains, explore the ESG issues associated with the material, and assess possible risks to the security of supply.

Material Insights supports companies on their journeys to sustainability and responsible practices, by contextualising supply chain issues across materials, jurisdictions, and industries. The platform is intended to serve as a living resource and that continually expands. Data and analysis will grow over 2022 and beyond to cover a growing range of materials, metals, and components. The platform’s databases of standards and multi-stakeholder initiatives will enable users to collaborate and act together to mitigate risks.

The resources on our platform are presented to be relevant for industry decision-makers, sustainability executives, and all actors with a stake in making supply chains more transparent and accountable.



Explore datasets to identify supply chain issues



Access cutting edge analysis to separate perception from reality

Act Together

Act Together

Collaborate to address risks and drive change

Due diligence made easier

Now more than ever, the expectations of business to do more to play a part in addressing complex global environmental and human rights issues are spreading and intensifying. At the same time, in the era of COVID-19, most sectors struggle to cover core costs and advance plans for their long-term growth. To meet this challenge, we need to think and behave differently. The call for collaboration, collective action and pooling of knowledge has never been stronger or more important.

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Understand the environmental, social and governance issues associated with the world’s most important materials.

Material Insights provides a lens on responsible sourcing that encourages industry collaboration in addressing ESG challenges, and will facilitate participation in environmental and social development projects.

Material Profile Features

Uses and attributes

Understand the characteristics of the material that make it useful in industrial applications. Explore its key uses across a range of industries and sectors.

Supply chain risk mapping

Assess factors that impact the resilience of the supply chain, including geopolitical trends that affect supply, demand, and prices.

Production and reserves

See the countries that dominate production, and those that will serve as future sources of supply.

Supply chain phases

Explore the process of producing the material, from its extraction through to its conversion to a metal.

Country governance risks

Compare the key producers across a range of metrics to identify where weaknesses in governance translate into exposure to ESG risks.

ESG Risk analysis

Identify possibly sourcing red flags, and separate perception from reality to understand the most material issues in minerall supply chains.

"Material Insights is a vital resource for anyone who wants to understand how they can address risks in their supply chains, target their resources, and take action to make a positive impact "

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Take action

Find ways to collaborate through participating in joint initiatives to address ESG risks and make a positive impact in communities affected by material supply chains.

Sustainability matters now more than ever.

Material Insights is a collaboration between TDi Sustainability and the Responsible Minerals Initiative

TDi Sustainability is a global consultancy that helps businesses the world over to be more sustainable. Along the length and breadth of the supply chain, from artisanal mine to multinational corporation, TDi’s expertise helps companies build responsible supply chains that work for people, for business, and for the planet.

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Founded in 2008 by members of the Responsible Business Alliance and the Global e-Sustainability Initiative, the Responsible Minerals Initiative has grown into one of the most utilised and respected resources for companies from a range of industries addressing responsible mineral sourcing issues in their supply chains.

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