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Material Insights is the result of a collaboration between TDi Sustainability and the Responsible Minerals Initiative.

Material Insights brings together the combined expertise, experience, and reach of TDi Sustainability and the Responsible Minerals Initiative. Our platform was created to help companies build a realistic and balanced view of the ESG issues associated with the sourcing of materials - and to provide a springboard for collective action in addressing supply chain risks and creating positive impacts for communities impacted by the extraction and processing of raw materials.

Launched in September 2021, Material Insights is the result of more than three years of research and analysis undertaken by TDi in collaboration with the RMI. Our vision is for Material Insights to serve as the leading resource for companies seeking to identify and assess the ESG issues associated with materials in their supply chains. The platform will grow over the course of 2021 and 2022 to provide users with an expanding range of datasets and analytical tools to provide insight at every stage of the supply chain for a widening range of components, metals, and raw materials. And, through providing a database of multi-stakeholder initiatives, Material Insights will be a vital starting point for companies to come together in taking action to build more sustainable and resilient supply chains.

"From artisanal mine to multinational corporation, we use our expertise to build responsible supply chains that work for people, for business and for the planet."

Responsible Minerals Initiative

The RMI was co-founded by and is governed by the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), the world’s largest industry coalition focussing on corporate social responsibility in global supply chains.

Occupying a role as an umbrella organisation, the RMI convenes stakeholders across multiple mineral supply chains to support responsible mineral production and sourcing more broadly, helping companies to address issues by providing tools and resources to enhance compliance with regulations, align with international standards and support stakeholder expectations. This cooperation places the RMI in a position where it can bring industry associations and businesses together to survey the supply chain landscapes of various sectors, to identify the trends and key issues faced by different industries today.

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TDi Sustainability

TDi Sustainability is a global consultancy that supports businesses in becoming more sustainable through research, strategic planning, and auditing.

Along the length and breadth of the supply chain, from artisanal mine to multinational corporation, TDi Sustainability offers in-depth understanding of sectors and corresponding regulation that is recognised as industry-leading. From detailed auditing and research to strategic planning, TDi's services result in positive social, economic and environmental impacts for upstream communities. Our small team of specialist practitioners brings a wealth of experience and local knowledge. Whether boots on the ground or suits in the boardroom, TDi is a valuable partner for customers who embrace the need to empower and communicate responsible sourcing.

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